Rachmaninoff - Fifteen songs, Op. 26

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Fifteen songs, Op. 26 by Rachmaninoff (107 pages)

1. There are many sounds
2. Everything was taken from me
3. We will rest
4. Two partings
5. Darling, let us fly
6. Christ is risen!
7. To the children
8. I beg for mercy
9. Again I am alone
10. Before my window
11. The Fountain
12. Night is mournful
13. When yesterday we met
14. The Ring
15. All things pass

The pdf file inlcudes the following:

  • Score with IPA transcription
  • Word-for-word translation from Russian to English
  • Spoken recordings of the Russian text

To listen to the recordings of spoken text, please use a desktop version of Adobe Acrobat Reader available for free from Adobe's Website.