Arias by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

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Maid of Orleans

Yes, the hour has come! (Ioanna's aria)

D♭4-A5 Dramatic mezzo-soprano YouTube

Eugene Onegin

I am not capable of melancholy (Olga's aria)

B♭3-F5 Mezzo-soprano YouTube

I love you, Olga (Lensky's arioso)

D♯4-A5 Lyric tenor YouTube

Tatiana's letter scene (Tatiana's letter scene)

D♭4-B♭5 Soprano YouTube

You wrote to me… (Onegin's arioso)

C♯3-F4 Lyric baritone YouTube

Where, where have you gone… (Lensky's aria)

D4-A♭5 Lyric tenor YouTube

All ages are subject to love (Gremin's aria)

G♭2-E♭4 Bass YouTube

Can it be the same Tatiana… (Onegin's arioso)

D3-G♭4 Lyric baritone YouTube

The Queen of Spades

I do not know her name... (Gherman's arioso)

E4-A5 Spinto tenor YouTube

So, you do not know anything about her... Once at Versailles (Tomsky's ballad)

A2-G4 Baritone YouTube

For young ladies of your circle (Governess's arioso)

B♭3-E♭5 Mezzo-soprano, Contralto YouTube

Dear friends… (Polina's arioso)

A3-A♭5 Mezzo-soprano, Contralto YouTube

Why these tears? (Lisa's aria)

E4-B♭5 Dramatic soprano YouTube

Forgive me, heavenly creature (Gherman's arioso)

E4-A5 Spinto tenor YouTube

You are so sad... I love you (Prince Yeletsky's aria)

B♭2-G4 Lyric baritone YouTube

The midnight is approaching (Lisa's aria)

D4-B5 Dramatic soprano YouTube

What is our life? (Gherman's aria)

F♯4-A5 Spinto tenor YouTube


Why have I never known (Iolanta's arioso)

D4-A5 Lyric soprano YouTube

What will he say... My Lord, if I am sinful (King René's aria)

G2-F4 Bass YouTube

Who can compare with my Matilda? (Robert's aria)

C♯3-G4 Baritone YouTube

No, the allure of a sultry beauty (Vaudemont's aria)

D4-B♭5 Tenor YouTube


O Maria (Mazeppa's aria)

D♭3-A♭4 Baritone YouTube

The Enchantress

To look from Nizhny (Nastasya's aria)

F4-B♭5 Dramatic soprano YouTube

Where are you, my beloved? (Nastasya's arioso)

D♯4-B5 Dramatic soprano YouTube

The Tsarina's Slippers

Does your heart feel my bitter sorrow? (Vakula's song)

D♯4-A5 Lyric tenor YouTube